More than 400 Forward Air Controller Runs achieved during Exercise Ample Strike 2014.

Sep 13, 2014
As exercise Ample Strike (#AMSE14) ended on 13 September 2014, NATO's Forward Air Controllers (FACs) conducted more than 400 so-called "control runs" using some 130 aircraft flights.

AMSE14 brought together one hundred FACs from 12 NATO Nations and 30 Allied aircraft and helicopters to provide realistic scenarios to train Close Air Support (CAS) missions. The one-week live part of AMSE14 was conducted in four locations across the south of the Czech Republic.

FACs are the human link between commander of a ground force and aircraft pilots. They are qualified individuals who, from a forward position on the ground direct action of combat aircraft engaged in CAS of land forces.
AMSE14 has clearly proven the Czech Host Nation's ability to prepare and conduct a NATO-linked exercise, the biggest live training event conducted in the country in 2014. The presence of NATO's Air Commander, US Air Force General Frank Gorenc, during the AMSE14 Distinguished Visitor Day on 10 September underlined that NATO's FAC capability continues to be an integral part of Allied Air Power. 

The Czech Republic has been an excellent venue to practice Air Land Integration with both live and simulated munitions. In total, AMSE14 was supported by some 1,300 Allied soldiers from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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