Airmen from around the world at HQ AIRCOM.

Oct 22, 2014
Senior Leaders from 11 nations – including various parts of Europe, Asia and the Far East – met for the two-day Partner Air Commanders’ Conference 2014 hosted at Headquarters Allied Air Command (HQ AIRCOM), Ramstein, Germany. They were welcomed and hosted by NATO’s senior Air Commander, US Air Force General Frank Gorenc. The last edition of this partner event took place in November 2010 by NATO’s former Southern Air Command at Izmir, Turkey. HQ AIRCOM has assumed the Partnership tasks in the air domain since the NATO Command Structure reorganization was finalized in 2013.

The Partner air force representatives gathered at the Headquarters on 21 and 22 October. During the event they were briefed about the roles and responsibilities of NATO’s AIRCOM. The conference also aimed at further promoting interoperability and cooperation among NATO and its Partner air forces.

"Events like this conference allow us to develop the necessary dialogue, cooperation, and interoperability with our partners," said General Gorenc. "It does not matter whether we are here at Ramstein, elsewhere in Europe or in the Far East. We are all airmen and we all speak air force. Most importantly, this recurring forum strengthens the resilient network of partner nations by allowing us to share information and plan for the future.”

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