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Deployable Air Command and Control Centre

The Deployable Air Command and Control Centre, based at Poggio Renatico in northern Italy, provides a capability for deployable Surveillance and Control of Alliance Air Operations. Its mission is to prepare elements for worldwide operational deployment and, together with the Combined Air Operations Centres, to deliver well-trained and specialised experts to augment Allied Air Command during Allied operations and exercises.

The Deployable Air Command and Control Centre provides NATO commanders with a unique force projection capability with elements that are:

DEPLOYABLE – Able to be transported worldwide for combat, contingency or peacetime missions.
SUSTAINABLE – Self-contained with equipment required for long-term 24/7 mission execution.
CONFIGURABLE – Equipment can be tailored, augmented or divided to run two operations simultaneously.
AFFORDABLE – Provides an efficient addition to existing static and airborne command and control platforms. 

Sixteen NATO Nations contribute to the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre's 295 posts.

The unit comprises four functional pillars; two deployable elements utilised in operations and exercises and two that support routine duties when in garrison:

The Deployable Air Control Centre, Recognized Air Picture Production Centre and Sensor Fusion Post (DARS) is NATO's deployable air surveillance and control capability, responsible for the control of air missions including surface-to-air missiles, air traffic management and control, area air surveillance, production of a recognized air picture and other tactical control functions. It regularly exercises its proficiency to rapidly deploy from its garrison to seamlessly integrate into the existing NATO Air Command and Control structure.

A Deployable Air Operations Centre provides a pool of personnel for the NATO Command Structure's Joint Force Air Component when stood up at Headquarters Allied Air Command in Ramstein, Germany.

A Training & Exercise Division is responsible for the training and preparation of the Deployable Air Operations Centre's personnel for their supplementing role in NATO's Joint Force Air Component and to provide initial, continuation and upgrade training for all Allied Air Command personnel assigned to the Joint Force Air Component.

A Combat Service Support Division is responsible for providing personnel and administrative support, Logistic Support Agreements, Local Force Protection Services, agreements with NATO Support and Procurement Organization, support in garrison. The Division also coordinates Control and Reporting Centre activities, Communication and Information Systems, Capabilities Package Implementation as well as deployable sensors, engineering services and Health and Safety.

In the near future, an additional element, the Deployable Sensors Branch will provide deployable air defence radar and passive electronic support measures capabilities.


Learn more about the responsibilities and expert backgrounds of the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre's multinational leadership staff.



The blue and white color scheme of the unit's crest symbolizes the sky and NATO's dedication to Air Power and air supremacy in order to accomplish operational and strategic objectives.

The winged lion, known as the Venetian Lion is a reference to Evangelist St. Mark. Venetian tradition states that when St. Mark, whose traditional Christian symbol is a lion, was travelling through Europe, he arrived at a lagoon in Venice. There an angel appeared to him and said: "Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus, hic requiescat corpus tuum" (May peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist. Here your body will rest). The word "Pax" depicted in the crest refers to this occasion.

The Venetian lion is a reminder of the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre's organizational heritage. It was present both in the 5th Tactical Air Force's and Combined Air Operations Centre 5's crests.

The herald's edge is white, featuring the unit's full name "Deployable Air Command and Control Centre" around the left and right half, and its respective abbreviation "DACCC" at the top.


Deployable Air Command and Control Centre
Via Ponte Rosso 1
44028 Poggio Renatico (FE)

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