Major General Claudio Gabellini

Major General Gabellini is Commander of the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre in Poggio Renatico, Italy, and in this capacity reports to Commander Allied Air Command.

He attended the Air Force Academy from 1980 to 1984. After earning his wings on the G.91T jet, he served first as an instructor on the MB339 trainer aircraft. He then served as an operational pilot on F-104 Starfighter and, subsequently, on PA200 Tornado, completing his operational tour in Ghedi Air Base at Brescia, Italy. In his last national assignment, Major General Gabellini was the Commander, Italian Air Force’s Combat Forces Command at Milan, Italy.

In this capacity, he has been responsible for ensuring the operational readiness of assigned units, to include the update of plans and procedures, standardisation of the entire training activity, and efficiency of weapon systems, equipment and infrastructures.

During his career, Major General Gabellini served in various command assignments as squadron commander and wing commander, before assuming senior staff positions including Commander of the Air Operations Command at Poggio Renatico (Ferrara) and, subsequently, to the Headquarters Air Force Command in Rome as Department Head first and Chief of Staff later. In his last assignment Major General Gabellini, was Chief of Staff at the Headquarters of NATO’s Allied Air Command at Ramstein, Germany.

His operational assignments include the Balkans (operations Joint Guard, Joint Forge, Decisive Endeavour, Allied Force) and Libya, where in 2011 he served aboard the USS Mount Whitney within the framework of the Coalition Operation Odyssey Dawn, and, subsequently, as Targeting Directorate Chief, Combined Joint Task Force Unified Protector Headquarters in Napoli, Italy, during NATO’s Operation Unified Protector.

Major General Gabellini is a command pilot with more than 2,700 flying hours on SF-260, S208, MB339, G.91T, F-104S/ASA, PA200 Tornado IDS and ECR.


1982 Graduate of Air Force Academy, Pozzuoli, Italy
1984 Master’s degree of Aeronautical Science, University of Napoli, Italy
1991 Air War College 1, Firenze, Italy
1993 Instructor Pilots Course (Tornado), Cottesmore, United Kingdom
1996 Air War College 2, Firenze, Italy
2010 Master’s degree in International Security Advanced Studies
2012 Q3 Course for Joint Force Air Component Command at the Centre for Analysis and Simulation for the Preparation of Air Operations, Taverny, France
2012 Combined Force Air Component Command Course, Maxwell, United States of America


1. 1986, Instructor pilot, 61st Air Brigade, Galatina, Italy
2. 1989, Pilot, 102nd Group, 5th Wing, Rimini, Italy
3. 1993, Pilot, element leader and formation leader, 6th Wing, Ghedi, Italy 
4. 1998, Officer Commanding Operations, 6th Wing, Ghedi, Italy
5. 1999, Squadron Commander, 102nd Fighter Group, Ghedi, Italy
6. 1999, Officer in charge of Operations, Fighter Bombers and Reconnaissance Division, Milano,Italy
7. 2003, Commander, 50th Wing, San Damiano, Italy
8. 2005, A3 Chief, Air Operations Command, Poggio Renatico, Italy
9. 2006-2009, Operations Director and Italian Air Force Air Operations Centre Chief, Poggio Renatico, Italy
10. 2010, Chief Resource Management Branch, Air Force Command, Roma, Italy
11. 2011, Chief Operational Planning and Generation Forces Branch, Air Force Command, Rome, Italy
12. 2013, Chief of Staff, Air Force Command, Rome, Italy
13. 2015, Commander, Italian Air Force’s Combat Forces Command, Milano, Italy
14. 2016-2019, Chief of Staff, NATO Headquarters Allied Air Command, Ramstein Air Base, Germany


Rating: Command Pilot
Flight hours: 2,700+
Aircraft flown: SF-260, S208, MB339, G.91T, F104S/ASA, PA200 Tornado IDS, PA200 Tornado ECR


Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
Knight of the Military Order of Merit of the Italian Republic Bronze Medal Aeronautical Merit
Mauritian Medal for 50 years of Military Career
Medal of Merit of Long Command
Aeronautics Long Air Navigation Medal (Gold)
Golden Cross for Military Service
Cross of Merit (Bosnia)
NATO Meritorious Service Medal
NATO Medal (former Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Libya)


1st Lieutenant March 1984 Captain March 1986
Major January 1992
Lieutenant Colonel January 1995
Colonel January 2000
Brigadier General January 2010 
Major General July 2016

(Current as of February 2019)

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