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Deputy Chief of Staff Plans

Brigadier General Mehmet Serkan DAN

Brigadier General Mehmet Serkan DAN graduated from Turkish Airforce Academy in 1996 and afterwards he completed the pilot training at 2nd Main Jet Base, Çiğli / İzmir, in 1998.

He served in numerous positions at the fast jet squadrons, group, and wing as a wing leader with more than 4000 flight hours in F-4, RF-4 and F-16.

After a short transition to commercial flight career between 2016-2017, he reassigned to Turkish Air Force with his own will. Brigadier General Mehmet Serkan DAN enrolled in Command and Staff Education at the Turkish National Defense University Air Force War Institute in 2020, and graduated as Staff Officer in 2021. In 2022 he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and was assigned as Commander of 10th Tanker Base. 

He has been assigned to NATO Allied Air Command, Ramstein, Germany, as DCOS Plans since 04 September 2023.

General Dan is married to Gülden DAN and has two children. 


1992 Graduate of Maltepe Military High School
1996 Graduate of Air Force College 
1998 Graduate of Flight School
2021 Graduate of Command and Staff Education

Flight Information
Types of Aircrafts he has flown: T-41, SF-260, T-37, T-38, F-4, RF-4, F-16, E7-T, KC-135, AS-532
Total Flight Hours: 4243 hours


1996-1998   2nd Main Jet Base / Pilot Candidate
1998-1998   3rd Main Jet Base 131st Jet Squadron 
1998-2003   1st Main Jet Base 113th Squadron 1st Wing / Wingman
2003-2005   3rd Main Jet Base 132nd Squadron/Tactics Development Officer
2005-2006   3rd Main Jet Base 132nd Squadron/Wing Commander
2006-2009   3rd Main Jet Base 132nd Squadron/Air Systems Commander
2009-2009   7th Main Jet Base 171st Jet Squadron/Flight Std.Of.
2009-2010   7th Main Jet Base 171st Jet Squadron/Ops Exec.Of.
2010-2011   7th Main Jet Base 171st Jet Squadron 2nd Wing/Wing Commander
2011-2012   7th Main Jet Base 171st Jet Squadron/Squadron Training Of.
2012-2015   7th Main Jet Base Assessment and Inspection Section/Ops    Training and Detection Officer
2015-2016   7th Main Jet Base JSF Activation Chief
2017-2018   3rd Main Jet Base Chief of Assessment & Inspection Section
2018-2019   3rd Main Jet Base Branch Head, Ops & Training Branch
2019-2020   3rd Main Jet Base Chief of Staff
2020-2022   Commander, Airborne Early Warning & Control Group 
2022-2023   Commander, 10th Tanker Base Commander
Since 2023   DCOS Plans, NATO Headquarters Allied Air Command


Tur AF Education and Training Achievement 
Tur AF Meritorious Service
Tur AF Combat Operations Achievement 
Tur AF Counter Terrorism Service

2005 Senior Pilot Badge
2013 Commander Pilot Badge
2021 Commandership Brevet Badge


August 30, 1996   Second Lieutenant
August 30, 1999   First Lieutenant
August 30, 2005   Captain
August 30, 2011   Major
August 30, 2017   Lieutenant Colonel
August 30, 2019   Colonel
August 30, 2022   Brigadier General

(Current as of September 2023)

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