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Deputy Chief of Staff Plans

Brigadier General Ertunç Ertufanli

Brigadier General Ertunç Ertufanli is the Deputy Chief of Staff Plans at NATO's Headquarters Allied Air Command, Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

He is responsible to the Chief of Staff for directing, monitoring and coordinating operational capability development staff functions and developing and implementing policy related to operational issues. He advises the Commander, through the Chief of Staff, on policy matters regarding programming, planning and conducting of military cooperation activities, including Civil-Military Cooperation, tactical assessments and evaluations.

In his previous assignment General Ertufanli was Director of the Air Operations Centre at the Turkish Air Force Headquarters.

General Ertufanli graduated from the Turkish Air Force Academy in 1991. After graduating from the Air Defence School as weapons controller in 1993, he served in various positions from 1993 to 2019 including both national and NATO forces. He was assigned as Duty Control Officer of Combined Air Operations Centre 5 at Poggio Renatico, Italy, between 2006 and 2009; in 2016 and 2017 he was assigned to Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón, Spain, as Division Head for Combat Support of the Static Air Defence Centre. He has been assigned to NATO’s Allied Air Command at Ramstein, Germany, as Deputy Chief of Staff Plans since 22 August 2019.

General Ertufanli is married and has two children.


1991 Graduation from Turkish Air Force Academy, İstanbul

1993 Graduation from Air Defence School, İzmir


1993-1997 Air RADAR Site Command, Weapons Controller Officer, Erzurum

1996-2000 10th Air Refuelling Base, Airborne Early Warning and Control Surveillance Controller, İncirlik

2000-2004 Joint Command South East Joint Operations Centre, Air Attack Officer, İzmir

2004-2006 Exercise Combat Operations at NATO Component Command-Air, İzmir

2006-2009 Combined Air Operations Centre 5, Poggio Renatico, Air Surveillance and Control Officer

2009-2013 Planning Officer of Warning, Command and Control Section, Turkish Air Force Headquarters Air Defence Command

2013-2015 Section Head of Warning, Command and Control Section, Turkish Air Force Headquarters Air Defence Command

2015-2016 Air Radar Site Commander, Erzurum

2016-2017 Division Head of Static Air Defence Centre Combat Support, Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejon

2017-2019 Director of Air Operations Centre, Turkish Air Force Headquarters

Since 2019 Deputy Chief of Staff Plans, Allied Air Command


1998 One Star Operation Ribbon

2000 Exceptional Service Ribbon

2003 NATO Medal – KFOR

2009 NATO Service Ribbon

2011 Administrative and Logistical Service Ribbon

2014 Two Stars Operation Ribbon

2015 Commander’s Ribbon


Second Lieutenant August 30, 1991

First Lieutenant August 30, 1994

Captain August 30, 2000

Major August 30, 2006

Lieutenant Colonel August 30, 2011

Colonel August 30, 2014

Brigadier General August 01, 2019

(Current as of September 2019)

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