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Deputy Chief of Staff Support

Air Commodore Adrian Hill

Air Commodore Adrian Hill, Royal Air Force (RAF), has been Deputy Chief of Staff Support at NATO's Headquarters Allied Air Command (HQ AIRCOM) at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, since July 2021.

He is responsible to the Chief of Staff for directing, monitoring and coordinating support staff functions and developing and implementing policy related to support issues. He advises the Commander, through the Chief of Staff regarding all support issues. He undertakes operational duties supporting AIRCOM in its power projection role by supporting the activation and/or deployment of AIRCOM capabilities as well as the preparation of the HQ for its deployment requirements.

Air Commodore Hill joined the RAF in 1983 and was commissioned as a pilot in 1987. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor and Weapons Instructor with over 3400 flying hours on the Jaguar and Hawk. Operationally, he served on 54(F) and 41(F) Squadrons, flying TAC RECCE and CAS missions over Northern Iraq and the Balkans from 1991-2000. He served as a Flight Commander on 41(F) Sqn (1997-2000), Commanding Officer on 19(F) Sqn (2006-08) and Station Commander at RAF Valley (2011-13). He completed Canadian Forces Staff College in Toronto, Canada in 2004.

His previous staff appointments include: A5 CJFACC/CJTF Plans at HQ AIRSOUTH, Naples, Italy (2000-03); Head Operations Division and Chief Combat Operations/Plans – UK Joint Force Air Component HQ (2004-06); Chief of Staff Number 22 Group, RAF High Wycombe (2008-10); Deputy Commander NATO Air Training Command – Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan (2010-11); Head Exercises, Training and Experimentation Division – NATO Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC), Portugal (2014-17); Head Lessons Learned Analysis Division JALLC, Portugal (2017-18); and, Head Combat Plans Division – NATO Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC), Italy (2018-21).

Effective dates of promotion

Flight Lieutenant July 1991

Squadron Leader July 1997

Wing Commander July 2003

Group Captain November 2008

Air Commodore July 2021

(Biography current as of August 2021)

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