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"RAAN allowed us to practice our expert skills“

AIRCOM’s command post exercise (CPX) Ramstein Ambition I-16 (RAAN I-16) finished at Poggio Renatico, Italy, on 29 June 2016 and all participating staff returned to their respective home garrisons at Ramstein, Germany, Torrejon, Spain and Uedem, Germany. The CPX was hosted by Italy inside the facilities of the Italian Air Operations Command, which provided the right environment for this important training event.

"RAAN I-16 was very effective and allowed us to maintain our high qualification standards and pass important knowledge to our newly arrived staff members,” said Brigadier General Kevin Huyck, US Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations at HQ AIRCOM and RAAN I-16 JFAC Director.  "During the nine days of training with over 400 personnel from numerous NATO and PfP nations, we were able to successfully practice the planning, integration, and synchronization of complex air command and control procedures.  This outstanding exercise ensured Allied Air Command is trained and ready to execute collective defence in a dynamic security environment.”

RAAN I-16 was aimed at training air component assets in setting up and executing a Joint Force Air Component or JFAC Headquarters that is used during a NATO operation to command and control Allied air forces across the whole spectrum of missions.

The Ramstein Ambition series is conducted as a CPX twice a year; the first iteration is designed to serve as a major step in the collective training of JFAC-dedicated personnel. The second iteration will build on the first one and further hone specific JFAC skills usually supported by a more complex and demanding scenario.

HQ AIRCOM is responsible for standing up the NATO Command Structure JFAC for any NATO operation within SACEUR's area of responsibility or exceeding NATO Force Structure capabilities. It can be supplemented from all AIRCOM entities and/or augmented from NATO nations.

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