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Commander of Allied Air Command chairs his first NATO Air Chiefs’ symposium

RAMSTEIN, Germany– NATO Air Chiefs and General Officers from 28 Allied Air Forces and 7 NATO Partner countries, convened for the second NATO Air Chiefs’ Symposium of 2016.   Chaired by the Commander of Allied Air Command (AIRCOM), General Tod D. Wolters, the symposium is a semi-annual forum held by AIRCOM to discuss Joint and Air domain issues and Air Power’s asymmetric advantages.  Following the Warsaw Summit this Symposium focused on delivering Air and Space Power to support the summit outcomes and strategic direction of the Alliance.  

Air Chiefs from NATO nations and Partner countries gather at Allied Air Command for the second NATO Air Chiefs’ Symposium of 2016 convened by Commander AIRCOM, General Tod D. Wolters (front centre) Photo: Christian Timmig, OR-7, HQ AIRCOM PAO.

In opening remarks, General Wolters welcomed the Air Chiefs and presented his perspectives on his first month in office, specifically taking Allied Air Command forward in supporting the delivery of the Warsaw outcomes for Projecting Stability, Deterrence and Defence.      

Commander AIRCOM, General Wolters welcomes NATO and Partner Air Chiefs and outlines his perspectives on the key discussion points to follow. Photo: Christian Timmig, 0R-7, HQ AIRCOM PAO. 

AIRCOM’s subject matter experts briefed on the strategic outlook beyond the Warsaw Summit and provided operational updates on how it is accomplishing its missions, integrating emerging missions and responding to the changing security environment.

General Wolters stressed the importance of the Symposium in delivering Air and Space Power for the Alliance: "We are delighted to host this symposium that not only updates on AIRCOM’s conduct of our standing peacetime missions, but also provides continued dialogue for NATO Air Chiefs who train, equip, and organise our NATO Air Forces to discuss how, in Alliance, in Partnerships and in interoperable relationships, we respond to an ever changing security environment. We will continue our relentless focus on training.”

The NATO Air Chiefs now continue to the USA for the second part of the symposium where they will receive updates on current operations, discuss training, global integrated Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and cyber.

Story by HQ AIRCOM Public Affairs Office

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