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DACCC demonstrates deployed control capabilities during exercise

RAMSTEIN, Germany - Allied Air Command’s Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC), at Poggio Renatico Air Base, Italy, conducts the second deployment exercise Ramstein Dust II-16 (RADT II-16) in 2016 from November 4 to December 2. A part of the DACCC will operate from Poggio Renatico Air Base, while another part will be deployed operating at Decimomannu Air Base, Sardinia, Italy.

Following the deployment by ship, air and road move, build-up of the tactical deployment site and integration testing at Decimomannu Air Base from Nov 4 through 13, the deployed staff will control live air operations from Nov 14 through 25 and wrap up the exercise during tear-down, redeployment and build-up at the permanent site in Poggio Renatico from Nov 26 to Dec 2.

Besides the DACCC tactical control facilities, RADT II-16 will involve Italian Air Force fighter jets, an unmanned aerial vehicle, a surface-based air defence unit and two tanker aircraft, Italian Navy fighters as well as United States Air Force fighter jets and a tanker aircraft. Italian Air Force and Netherlands Army Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) teams will also participate during the Air-Land-Integration portion of the exercise. A NATO Airborne Warning and Control System E-3A plane and Italian Control and Reporting Centres will cooperate with the deployed DACCC elements.

The DACCC is the spearhead of NATO’s deployable air command and control capability. Exercising this essential capability is vital specifically for NATO’s Very-High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) as it enables ready and responsive air power.  

Facts about DACCC deployment to Decimomannu Air Base:
  • Approximately 130 people from 16 NATO countries
  • Almost 360 tons of support equipment in ten containers
  • Five operational shelters and two link support shelters
  • Seven antenna systems
  • Five tents used to accommodate command and control functions
Story by HQ AIRCOM Public Affairs Office

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