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DACCC wraps up successful second deployment exercise

Decimomannu, Sardinia – Today, NATO’s Deployable air Command & Control Centre (DACCC) has completed its second deployment exercise in 2016 by successfully providing tactical control of Allied aircraft while deployed at Decimomannu Air Base, Sardinia.
With the redeployment, all exercise participants are now back in garrison at Poggio Renatico in northeastern Italy building up their equipment for static use again. During the biannual exercise, approximately 130 DACCC staff from 16 NATO nations packed all their kit and deployed over 300 tons of equipment to a remote forward location. DACCC personnel supported by specialist NATO personnel and Decimomannu base staff quickly built up their operations compound on the edge of the airfield. The DACCC subsequently connected into the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System and conducted a technical and operational ramp-up of communications and information systems for RAMSTEIN DUST II 16.
From Nov 14 to 24, a DACCC part remaining at Poggio Renatico operated as the exercise Joint Force Air Component and performed air mission planning and tasking; whilst aircraft control, air surveillance, battle management and air/ground support functions were executed at the deployed site.
The RAMSTEIN DUST exercise series is tailored to test the DACCC’s ability to plan, manage and execute full-spectrum air command and control operations. It provides much needed training and allows the Allied team of specialists to hone their skills and expertise controlling live and simulated military aircraft in complex scenarios. Participants in the exercise included an Italian Air Control and Control unit; NATO Airborne Early Warning aircraft; Italian and US fighter jets, bombers and air-to-air refueling aircraft; Italian Navy aircraft; Joint Terminal Attack Controllers from Italy and the Netherlands; as well as Italian Surface-Based Air Defence units.
"I am proud of a successful second deployment exercise for the DACCC this year,” DACCC commander Major-General Dré Kraak said in conclusion. "We have been able to accomplish our set goals of providing seamless air command and control both from Poggio and deployed at Decimomannu. This major success has been possible thanks to the great contributions from all stakeholders and participants; my special appreciation goes to Host Nation Italy for their outstanding support.” 
Story by HQ AIRCOM PAO based on information provided by DACCC
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