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Exercise Kalkar Sky 2016 gets under way

RAMSTEIN, Germany – As part of the Kalkar Sky 2016 exercise, being conducted at Kalker, Germany from Nov. 24 to Dec. 01, the German Joint Force Air Component Headquarters (JFAC HQ) will be seeking certification as the Air Force Headquarters for the NATO Response Force (NRF) 2018.

Kalkar Sky 2016 is the last step towards certification and is based around NATO’s response to a crisis situation in a fictional region of East Cerasia.  Specifically, the exercise demonstrates NATO’s air power capability to project stability to NATO borders and beyond. The NRF 18 air component, the German JFAC, will prove its capability to exercise effective command and control over assigned forces in executing NRF missions and tasks in high-threat environments.

To achieve this, about 400 personnel are involved in the exercise at Kalkar-Seydlitz barracks, with over half of these employed in the Air Operations Centre.   German augmentation comes from almost all areas of the Bundeswehr, with multi-national exercise players and mentors from across NATO and Allied units.  The longest journey has probably been made by members of the Eighth Air Force from Barksdale, Lousiana, United States who form part of almost 100 personnel from the USA, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia and Austria who have travelled to the Lower Rhine as instructors.  

The exercise serves not only as the testing ground for NRF 18 but also enhances interoperability among NATO Allies and partner countries and demonstrates the increasing range and scale of military capabilities the Alliance can deploy for collective defence.    

The NRF was established in 2003 as a high readiness force comprising of land, air, sea and special forces units capable of rapid deployment.  The NRF is at the 'tip of the NATO spear' and stands for the Alliance's resolve, capability, and readiness for defence and deterrence.


Story by AIRCOM Public Affairs Office from information provided by Kommando Luftwaffe

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