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JFAC Strategy Division – long road to RAAN I 16

During the Command Post Exercise Ramstein Ambition I 2016 (RAAN I 16) the Strategy Division of the Joint Force Air Component (JFAC) really is the first to start working. Not only at the deployed site in Poggio Renatico, where Italy is hosting the exercise this year due to construction work back in Ramstein. The Strategy Division also has to plan ahead spelling out the scheme of manoeuvre for how the JFAC will execute and achieve the objectives provided by the Joint level.

For weeks prior to the exercise  "StratDiv" sit together with representatives from other services to develop, fine-tune, disseminate and assess the air and space strategy. The way to do that is the Air Operations Plan – the execution plan for air power on behalf of the Joint Force level. This strategy is further amplified by an Air Operations Directive which provides regular guidance to air assets on how to best support achieving Joint Force objectives whilst exploiting necessary flexibility required to adapt to dynamic development of military operations.

At RAAN I 16, the experienced planners are looking at sharing their knowledge with newly arrived staff honing their capabilities and expertise to effectively support JFAC operations during future exercises and/or when required in real-world missions.

The JFAC is responsible for the planning, integration, synchronization and command of airpower capabilities within any Joint Force campaign.  HQ AIRCOM is responsible to stand up the NATO Command Structure JFAC for any NATO operation. Depending on the size of the operation, the JFAC may be specially tailored to meet the mission requirements; it can be supplemented from all AIRCOM entities or augmented from other NATO Force Structure or national JFACs as required for NATO missions.

AIRCOM has used the RAAN series for years to integrate its newly arrived staff. Conducted twice a year, the training event reinforces and provides JFAC qualifications and processes to new and current personnel.

NATO exercises its capabilities to maintain its credibility to safeguard its members through the continuing and effective adaptation of its military.

NATO's strength comes from the combined efforts of all its members through long practice and commitment produce effective combined, joint forces. These forces must be fully-trained and prepared for any potential real-world situation.

From 20 to 29 June, the Italian Air Force hosts this routine CPX at their facilities in Poggio Renatico in northern Italy.



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