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Joint Force Air Component Flag Officers’ Seminar at Allied Air Command

RAMSTEIN, Germany - On 25 May Commander Allied Air Command, General Frank Gorenc, hosted the annual Joint Force Air Component (JFAC) Flag Officers’ Seminar attended by 70 representatives, including 23 Flag Officers, from NATO’s Air and Space community at Ramstein. The seminar offered the NATO Force Structure (NFS) and the NATO Command Structure (NCS) an opportunity to compare notes on JFAC concept and doctrine.

Representatives from Headquarters Allied Air Command (AIRCOM), the Combined Air Operations Centres at Uedem, Germany and Torrejon, Spain and the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre at Poggio Renatico, Italy met with their counterparts from the NFS and national Air domains to receive updates on JFAC-related matters. Discussions included delivering decision advantage to the JFAC and the implications of Air Command and Control before and during a potential conflict.  Additionally, training, exercise and certification programmes were covered before the seminar closed by examining opportunities to utilise previously untapped resources, including nations without JFACs.

To command and control air assets at tactical and operational levels to achieve timely and precise effect requires integrated, responsive and high tempo military processes. These processes can only be ensured through a properly manned and focused JFAC which has the responsibility to deliver Air Power for an operation.  A tailored JFAC  command and control organisation is vital in planning, integrating and synchronising Air Power and Space capabilities within a NATO/coalition Joint Force campaign.  

Alliance Air Operations can be run by a JFAC from the NCS, the NFS or a Nation.  The NCS JFAC is the default JFAC for all operations which are characterised by being time critical, collective defence in the framework of Article 5, European territory and/or high volume air operations.   The NFS JFAC, nominated on the NATO Response Force Long Term Rotation Planning is available notably for Non-Article 5 crisis response operations and low-volume air operations.  

At AIRCOM, a core JFAC staff will stand up the NCS JFAC, which can be tailored to the needs of the Alliance. To accomplish this role it can be supplemented from within the AIRCOM deployable structure or augmented from national or other NFS JFACs.

 More photos from the event at here


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