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RADT I 16 operations phase complete - preparations for redeployment begin

After participating in the Slovenian-led close air support exercise ADRIATIC STRIKE 2016 NATO's deployable command and control unit, the DARS* has completed the operations phase of its own deployment exercise RAMSTEIN DUST I-2016 on 10 June 2016. Over the course of this week-long exercise, the DACCC - through the DARS - controlled approximately 100 close air support missions and de-conflicted around 40 artillery missions, all in support of an exercise featuring warfighters from over 20 NATO and Partnership for Peace countries.

"This has been a tremendous experience," said Colonel Klaus Nolte, the Director of the DARS.  "ADRIATIC STRIKE provided us with many valuable opportunities to execute critical joint missions within a mainly land-focused operation.  The DACCC proved itself to be more than up to the task. We look forward to more opportunities to contribute to such missions in order to be mature in supporting VJTF operations."  Following run-down of systems and tear-down of facilities, preparations have started for building and loading the convoy that  will enable proper and safe redeployment back to home garrison Poggio Renatico in northern Italy by 22 June.

More photos form the final phase of exercises ADRIATIC STRIKE 2016 and RAMSTEIN DUST I 2016 at Cerklje Air Base, Slovenia here

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