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Ramstein Alloy achieves set objectives

After two days of flying training and aerial drills of 15 Allied and Partner aircraft in the Baltic airspace, exercise Ramstein Alloy 1 closed this Wednesday. Estonia hosted the brief exercise involving fighter jets from Belgium, Poland, Spain and Partners Finland and Sweden, transport aircraft from Estonia and Lithuania and NATO airborne warning and control system (AWACS) planes as well as the Control and Reporting Post (CRP) Amari and Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) Uedem.

The aim was to train cross-border and cross-agency cooperation and coordination during simulated real-world scenarios in the Baltic airspace. Besides flying practice diversions at various regional airports, search and rescue procedures and air support missions for Estonian Forward Air Controllers at Tartu training range, NATO and Partner jets trained routine procedures with military and civilian air traffic controllers. The tactical-level activities help pilots and operators to respond quickly and professionally in case of unclear situations in the airspace causing potential threats to civilian aviation.

"I am very pleased with the outcome of this first Ramstein Alloy," said HQ AIRCOM project officer Maj Dimitrios 'Kookie' Koukaras: "We flew 45 sorties with numerous unique mission profiles and had minimal cancelations due to weather. Thanks to the effective cooperation of our Allied and Partner air forces, Host Nation Estonia and CAOC Uedem, I can say mission accomplished!"

Ramstein Alloy is one of HQ AIRCOM’s tools of preparing NATO air forces to respond to such situation across Allied borders and in cooperation with Partner air forces.

After 22 iterations of the Baltic Region Training Event series since 2008, Ramstein Alloy stands for NATO openness, predictability and risk-reduction.

Two more Ramstein Alloys are scheduled for 2016, one in Lithuania in June and one in Latvia in September.

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