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Third Ramstein Alloy Baltic training event hones NATO and Partner interoperability

ADAZI, Latvia – NATO Allied Air Command’s third Ramstein Alloy Baltic training event takes to the skies 27 and 28 September, with Allied and Partner air and ground crews honing interoperability, command and control and aerial skills. The tri-annual event uses training scenarios to enhance air policing procedures and Allied-Partner relationships using NATO’s Baltic Air Policing (BAP) assets and regional air forces.

Baltic Air Policing French M2000-5 fighters prepare for take-off at Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania.  French, German, and Polish fighters, along with Partner nation fighters from Sweden and Finland, will participate in NATO Allied Air Command’s RAMSTEIN ALLOY training event across the Baltic region.  Photo by Arnas Glazauskas

Similar to previous Ramstein Alloys, the two-day schedule features the newest rotation of aircraft and personnel supporting NATO’s BAP mission.  At present, the French Air Force flies M2000-5 fighters deployed to Siauliai, Lithuania as the lead BAP nation, with German Eurofighters augmenting the BAP mission in Amari, Estonia. 
During Ramstein Alloy, Poland, along with Alliance Partners Sweden and Finland, will join the French and German fighters to participate in air-to-air intercept, search and rescue and communication loss (COMMLOSS) training.  The Lithuanian Air Force will provide a transport aircraft to simulate the COMMLOSS aircraft scenario, while Latvia and Estonia will provide ground air controllers.  In addition, a Latvian helicopter will support the Combat Search and Rescue scenario, and a NATO E-3A AWACS aircraft will provide air command and control during the live flying activities and quick reaction scenarios.

German Eurofighters line the runway in Amari, Estonia.  Allied and Partner aircraft train with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia aircraft and command and control assets during Ramstein Alloy.  The event practices regional air policing procedures, enhances Allied and Partner relationships, and assures Alliance members of NATO’s operational capabilities. Photo courtesy of the German Bundeswehr.

While the scenarios provide enhanced training for NATO’s rotational BAP assets and Baltic aircraft controllers, Ramstein Alloy 3 objectives specifically include exercising military and civilian agency cooperation, training on procedures for assisting aircraft in distress, reinforcing common aircraft identification methods and improving interoperability between nations and aircraft.  The Ramstein Alloy series, executed through NATO’s Headquarters Allied Air Command at Ramstein, Germany, and the Allied Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem, Germany, helps assure and train NATO Allies and Partners in the Baltic region. Ramstein Alloy is a continuation of the Baltic Regional Training Event – or BRTE - series, which ran regularly since 2008.
Story by HQ AIRCOM Public Affairs Office

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