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Third Ramstein Alloy exercise hones NATO Allied and Partner nations’ interoperability

RAMSTEIN, Germany Baltic Air Policing quick response aircraft from the deployed German and French detachments, along with NATO and Partner aircraft and ground crews from Poland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, trained aircrews and controllers Sept. 27-28 during the third Ramstein Alloy exercise.

Through scenarios, air and ground crews across the Baltic region honed their skills and enhanced interoperability to support NATO’s air policing mission.  

"Ramstein Alloy enables continued refinement and blended training of Alliance and Partner quick reaction forces, which helps ensure safe and secure skies in the region,” said NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) Chief of Staff, Major General Erich Siegmann.  

"The term ‘alloy’ underlines the essence of what this event represents -- solid cooperation of NATO and Partner members together, just as a metal alloy mixes and combines two components together to produce a stronger, improved substance,”  General Siegmann added. 

The Ramstein Alloy training series – previously called Baltic Regional Training Events, or BRTEs -- exercises the newest rotation of aircraft and personnel supporting NATO’s BAP mission in the region.  France and Germany currently serve as the BAP detachments, based in Amari, Estonia, and Siauliai, Lithuania.  Alliance Partner Finland and Sweden also participated, providing interceptor aircraft for quick reaction scenarios and live flying activities. A Lithuanian C-27, a Latvian Search and Rescue helicopter and a NATO E-3A Airborne Early Warning plane  also flew in support of Ramstein Alloy 3.  

According to AIRCOM’s RAMSTEIN ALLOY planner, Spanish Maj. Ildefonso Martinez-Pardo, all training objectives for the third iteration of the training event were met. 

"Some of the scenarios we executed included air-to-air interception, dissimilar aircraft training, search and rescue training, and airborne controlling from the NATO E-3A. Close Air Support missions were also scheduled and conducted by Joint Tactical Attack Controllers from Latvian Armed Forces on the Adazi shooting range,” said Major Martinez-Pardo.

The Ramstein Alloy series, executed through AIRCOM at Ramstein, Germany, and the Allied CAOC Uedem, Germany, helps assure and train NATO Allies and Partners in the Baltic region. The event is designed to enhance relations among regional air and ground forces and to further develop interoperability through defensive practice drills.
Story by HQ AIRCOM Public Affairs Office

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