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Allied Air Command hosts Modern Aircraft Integration Workshop

RAMSTEIN, Germany – Senior Officers from across NATO and Allied nations, met at Allied Air Command (AIRCOM), Ramstein, on October 6 for a workshop focusing on the integration of 4th - 5th Generation Aircraft, called Modern Aircraft (MA).

One of NATO’s key Air and Joint capability challenges in the future will be the integration and interoperation of existing and evolutionary MA within NATO’s operational capabilities.  Such integration offers an unparalleled step change in the NATO’s ability to dominate the air and cyberspace domains in support of its collective deterrence posture.  

AIRCOM, as part of its role as the NATO Air Power proponent, will be at the forefront of the work required to amplify and enhance the effectiveness of the Alliance’s existing aircraft through integration of MA enhanced situational awareness, stealth technology, advanced avionics, communication and sensor fusion capabilities.  More immediately, with a number of NATO Nations bringing MA into service, AIRCOM will be working to optimise their capabilities in order to contribute to its peacetime Air Policing mission to safeguard Alliance Airspace.

The workshop is a follow-on action to the discussion of the NATO Air Chiefs at the two recent NATO Air Chiefs Meetings. It will take the Air Chiefs’ mandate forward to explore integration optimisation in detail to produce outcomes that will be briefed to them at their next Symposium in October 2017.  In opening remarks, the Deputy Commander Allied Air Command, Air Marshal Stuart Evans emphasised the importance of such workshops, "the seamless fusion of existing and evolutionary 5th generation modern aircraft provides a significant enhancement to the Air and Joint capabilities of the Alliance and is key to meeting current and future security challenges,” he said.

Attendees included guest speakers and subject matter experts from NATO Allies with 5th Generation fighters, the United States Air Force in Europe, European Air Group and the Tactical Leadership Program.  All shared either their major lessons identified in transitioning to such aircraft and integrating them into their National Air Forces.  Eight NATO countries are currently involved in the 5th Generation F-35 development (United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Denmark and Norway).    

Alliance Air Power remains an essential element of NATO’s operational capabilities and continues to deliver a vital contribution to NATO success.  The enhanced situational awareness, integration capabilities, stealth technology and advanced avionics of MA will also amplify and enhance the combat effectiveness of the Alliance’s existing aircraft fleets and act as a significant force multiplier.
Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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