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Allied Air Command leadership visits Italian production facility of fifth generation fighter aircraft

RAMSTEIN, Germany– On Friday, September 1 2017, Commander Allied Air Command, General Tod Wolters , visited the Italian F-35 fighter Final Assembly and Check Out (FACO) facility at Cameri, Italy. Accompanied by his Deputy Commander Air Marshal Stuart Evans and Chief of Staff Major General Claudio Gabellini , he was briefed by the Italian Air Force Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Enzo Vecciarelli on Italy's progress on introducing this fifth generation fighter platform to their Air Force.

"This facility represents a huge boost to the Alliance's ability to secure sovereignty and deter in all environments!" said General Wolters. "Alliance Air Power remains an essential NATO operational capability and its development delivers a vital contribution to our success."

nations acquiring f" href="http://www.nato.int/" target="_blank" rel="">NATO nations acquiring fifth generation aircraft for their armed forces is another significant step forward in delivering Air Power for the Alliance. The evolution of this new generation of aircraft will take multi-role versatility, performance and survivability to the next level. Their enhanced situational awareness and integration capabilities, stealth technology and advanced avionics will also amplify and enhance the combat effectiveness of the Alliance's existing aircraft fleets and act as a significant force multiplier.

NATO is constantly adapting to changes in the security environment and Allied Air Command is looking towards playing its part in supporting NATO's collective deterrence posture. The integration of existing and evolutionary fifth generation platforms will allow NATO to exploit fully the unparalleled step change in the ability to dominate the air domain.

Italy is one of seven NATO nations to introduce the F-35 fighter.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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