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Italy deploys Eurofighter to Iceland for routine NATO deployment

KEFLAVIK, Iceland - Today, March 17, 2017 six Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft deployed to Keflavik Air Base, Iceland to provide Airborne Surveillance and Interception Capabilities to meet Iceland’s Peacetime Preparedness Needs on behalf of NATO. 

The jets took off from 4th Fighter Wing in Grosseto, Tuscany, and flew over 3,000 kilometres before touching down at the air base in the south west of Iceland. En route they were air-to-air refuelled from an Italian Air Force KC 767 tanker aircraft.

"The Iceland deployment is both a training and an operational mission reflecting the spirit of solidarity among the members of the Atlantic Alliance; it allows to maintain and test the standardized security procedures within NATO,” said General Claudio Graziano, Chief of the Italian Defence Staff. "This air defence operation in Icelandic airspace is a clear example of cost-effective management and sharing of resources among the NATO allies."

From next week on the Italian pilots will conduct familiarization flight in the Icelandic airspace controlled by the Iceland Coast Guard Control and Reporting Centre Loki at Keflavik. Next week they will be certified by NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre Uedem, Germany, to fly Air Policing missions in the airspace of the Ally in the High North.

During the ensuing three weeks the Italian Air Force detachment will accomplish this peacetime preparedness mission and redeploy to the home bases around mid-April.

The defensive peacetime deployment to Iceland is conducted in all transparency and openness. It underlines that NATO forces are capable and adaptive and bring to bear a high degree of interoperability.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office coordinated with Italian Air Force

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