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NATO Air representative starts engagement meetings in Baltic region

TALLINN, Estonia – Major General Dre Kraak, the Commander of the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC), is leading Allied Air Command's Key Leadership Engagement (KLE) team to the Baltic States and Poland.

In Tallinn, Estonia, he met with key civilian and military Estonian Defence representatives and the NATO Force Integration Unit (Estonia). 

"The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to discuss improving integration and interoperability in enhanced Forward Presence (eFP)," said General Kraak at the end of the meeting. "Such dialogue will continue to improve NATO’s eFP programme, and demonstrates NATO's commitment to strengthening the Alliance's collective defence and crisis response capabilities."

Earlier, the KLE Team met with the Commander of the Estonian Defence Force 1st Infantry Brigade and representatives from the UK's eFP BG at Tapa Camp in northern Estonia. During the visit aspects of NATO's airpower contribution to eFP and broader deterrence activities were discussed. 

The KLE team will meet with national Force Commanders and political leaders throughout the Baltic region and Poland over the next 2 weeks.

Meanwhile the deployment exercise Ramstein Dust-II 17 of NATO’s deployable air surveillance and control unit currently taking place at Lielvarde, Latvia, is picking up speed with the operators being tied into the Baltic air control network. 

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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