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NATO Allies scheduled to train Air Policing procedures in Baltic region

TALLINN, Estonia – Allied aircraft are scheduled to conduct the routine live-fly exercise Ramstein Alloy 6 on September 26 and 27 in the Baltic skies.

On both days, military fighter and support aircraft from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, the United States and a NATO AWACS will take off from air bases Ämari, Estonia, Siauliai, Lithuania and home bases in Poland and Germany to practice standard routines and procedures. The drills include several scenarios that provide realistic training for NATO Air Policing activities over the Baltic States.
In simulated missions, Allied fast jets will have to locate and intercept a slow moving aircraft or an aircraft that lost radio communications with civilian Air traffic Control agencies. Other missions include air-to-air refuelling by German and United States tanker aircraft.

The two-day event is overseen by NATO's Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem, Germany, while mission control will be provided by an AWACS, the Baltic Control and Reporting Centre at Karmelava, Lithuania, the Control and Reporting Point at Ämari, Estonia, and elements of the NATO DARS* presently deployed at Lielvarde, Latvia.

Planned aerial training is mostly conducted in altitudes above 20,000 feet or 6,000 m, not visible from the ground, and is subject to changes due to unforeseen developments.

The Ramstein Alloy exercise series builds on experience from its predecessor series that started in 2008. Regularly scheduled three times a year, it is a routine training event aimed at further honing skills of highly capable and flexible aircrews and controllers in the field of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission.

* Deployable Air Control Centre, Recognized Air Picture Production Centre/Sensor Fusion Post
Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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