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Trident Juncture Media Day at Bodø Air Base

BODØ, Norway – On Friday, 2 November over 20 journalists followed the invitation to NATO’s Air Power media day at Bodø Air Base, linked to Exercise Trident Juncture. Part of the event was the visit of Admiral James Foggo, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Naples and Major General Tonje Skinnarland, Chief of the Royal Norwegian Air Force who both spoke to participating media representatives. Allied Joint Force Command Naples is the overall responsible NATO Command for Exercise Trident Juncture 2018.

Different national Norwegian and international media teams from around the world took the opportunity to cover the Air Power contribution to Trident Juncture at Bodø Air Base, as well as the two flag officers’ statements on the exercise. "Trident Juncture gives NATO a chance to test its capacity and capability to respond to a collective defence scenario” Admiral Foggo said. "Trident Juncture illustrates that NATO is relevant, and that united, we are ready to defend ourselves” he added.

Major General Skinnarland emphasised the role of allied Air Power for the exercise and for NATO’s collective defence. "Air Power plays a vital role in enhancing NATO’s deterrence and defence postures. Through Trident Juncture, we are able to demonstrate and train the wide array of Air Power capabilities within NATO” she stated in her remarks to the media.

Furthermore, the day provided attending journalists multiple occasions to produce photo and video material of international exercise detachments as well as of their various types of aircraft stationed at Bodø for the duration of Trident Juncture. The journalists’ visit was concluded with the exclusive chance to capture the take off wave of over 15 aircraft in the afternoon.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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