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International media at Ørland Air Base during Exercise Trident Juncture 18

ØRLAND, Norway – On 31 October the Royal Norwegian Air Force Base at Ørland, Norway opened its doors to international media, to inform about its role in Exercise Trident Juncture. Approximately 50 journalists from around the world followed the joint invitation of Allied Air Command and the Royal Norwegian Air Force for some first hand impressions about the exercise’s air component.

The visit began with an early morning briefing about the air component of the exercise and the role of Air Power in NATO. Shortly after, participating journalists were able to learn more about NATO’s Air Power in practical terms, visiting a tanker of the Royal Netherland’s Air Force, a US Air Force JSTARS – an airborne battle management, command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform – as well as an AWACS aircraft. All aircraft crews provided experts to answer manyfold interested questions in front of cameras or microphones.

The visit to the base also highlighted NATO’s cooperation with partners. A detachment of the Finish Air Force is currently based at Ørland with F-18 fighter jets and pilots to participate in Exercise Trident Juncture. The jets demonstrated their power to the cameras starting their engines, taxiing and subsequently taking off for an exercise mission.

How NATO is ready to deploy and deliver air power anywhere in the world was demonstrated during a visit tot he DARS*, NATO’s deployable air surveillance and control capability. A briefing on the DARS‘ capabilities, an exclusive insight into an air control shelter as well as an interview opportunity with Lieutenant Colonel Loviconi, the deputy detachment commander of the unit were well received.

Media visits like these provide us the opportunity to showcase to the public and the world how the DARS supports the delivery of Air Power for NATO’s collective defence" says Lieutenant Colonel Loviconi. It allows us to demonstrate how we interoperate with other assets to control air operations" he adds.

Another media day will be hosted on 2 November at Bodø Air Base in northern Norway. Bodø Air Base is the backbone of Air Power during Exercise Trident Juncture 18 with Air Force detachments of six Allies and Partner nation Sweden.


* Deployable Air Control Centre, Recognized Air Picture Production Centre And Sensor Fusion Post


Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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