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Allied Air Command Hosts Air Power Seminar for NFIUs

RAMSTEIN, Germany - Representatives from all eight NATO Force Integration Units (NFIUs), and NATO military headquarters participated in an Air Power conference and workshop from June 21 to 22 at Allied Air Command (AIRCOM).
The primary mission of the NFIUs is to foster collaboration between national forces and the NATO High Readiness Forces in times of military-political crises. Specifically they provide planning support to facilitate rapid deployment of Allied forces to Eastern Allies and enhance collective defence planning. They also work with Host Nations to identify logistic networks, transportation routes and supporting infrastructure.

Members of NFIUs based in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania received comprehensive briefings of the structure and capabilities of AIRCOM and its subordinate units. Subject matter experts within Air Policing, Enhanced Forward Presence, Ballistic Missile Defence, Air Planning, Airspace Management, Air Operations and Joint Force Air Component gave detailed presentations resulting in many discussions and further enhancement in the understanding of those domains.

"The NFIUs play a critical role in ensuring we at AIRCOM have the information we require for contingency planning,” said Brigadier General Ersin Eser, Deputy Chief Staff Plans when opening the conference. "Each of them acts as a key NATO conduit for ensuring we are talking to the right people at the right time in the respective Host Nation to ensure Air Power is projected rapidly and decisively when needed,’ he added.

During the final segment of the conference the NFIU representatives also gave presentations leading to discussions on their work and challenges with an aim to improve communications and operating procedures within the Air domain between all relevant organizations.

"We in AIRCOM need you, the NIFUs, as you are the NATO entities working closely with our Allies on NATO’s eastern flank. We need you to help us ensure rapid deployments, we need you for coordination and we need you for NATO Response Force planning,” said Brigadier General Bernard Lebrun, Deputy Chief of Staff Support in closing the conference. "That is why I am looking forward to further enhancing  our relations to effectively and efficiently work together to ensure Air Power is ready and able to deliver its role in keeping our Nations safe,” he added.

Members of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Joint Force Command Brunssum and Headquarters Multinational Corps North East, the military headquarters coordinating the NFIUs, also took part and provided views and assistance to the workshop discussions and outcomes.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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