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DACCC deploys scalable forward elements to control the Air Operation at Exercise Ramstein Dust

RAMSTEIN, Germany - NATO’s Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) deployed its Ground Air Ground (GAG) control equipment to take Tactical Control of Italian and U.S. Air Force assets within the Composite Air Operation, at Exercise Ramstein Dust, Mar 28 to 29.
The GAG deployed a team of technicians within Italy, from the DACCC at Poggio Renatico to Cervia Air Base, home of the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force) 5th Fighter Wing, to control Italian Tornado, AMX, Typhoon and U.S. F-16 and MQ-9 ‘Predator’ air assets, over Northern Italy .  The deployment of GAG radio equipment extended the DARS(1)  range allowing the DACCC to take Tactical Command from Poggio Renatico through its Deployable Air Operations Centre, whilst also providing Close Air Support through its Air Integration Element.
Training is a key element to NATO's readiness.  Exercises practise and evaluate the collective training of staffs, units and forces to enable them to operate effectively together to demonstrate Military Capability, or to provide improvements to the capability. Twice a year, the Ramstein Dust exercise series tests the DACCC's unique operational capability to plan, manage and deliver effective aircraft control and air surveillance.   The complex operational scenario provided the opportunity for the DACCC to validate the GAG remote capabilities and to coordinate with Italian Command and Control entities using NATO’s Air Command and Control System as a shared platform to plan and execute Air Tasking Orders.   
The DACCC protects European airspace and is the only deployable unit of NATO's Allied Air Command, which delivers air and space power for the Alliance on behalf of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe.  
Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office, based on information from Deployable Air command and Control Centre
(1) Deployable Air Control Centre, Recognized Air Picture Production Centre/Sensor Fusion Post

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