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Mission update for German Eurofighters at Ämari, Estonia

RAMSTEIN, Germany - The German Eurofighter detachment augmenting NATO’s Baltic Air Policing at Ämari, Estonia, continue to demonstrate their readiness and skills.

Executing their mission of safeguarding the skies over the Baltic region, they were launched on Friday, September 14, to visually identify a Russian Federation Air Force Su-35 fighter aircraft. Flying into the Baltic Sea from mainland Russia, the fighter was operating over international waters close to NATO airspace off the Estonian coast.

On Monday, September 17, they provided a training escort flight to the government aircraft of the German President en route to a visit to Finland.

Both events show the variety of missions that can be asked of NATO fighter aircraft under peacetime Allied Air Policing. Allied fighter detachments execute these missions visibly, predictably and professionally contributing to security and highlighting NATO commitment and responsiveness.

Since 2004, NATO Allies have taken turns in deploying their fighter jets to the Baltic region to conduct Air Policing out of Šiauliai Air Base, Lithuania. Since 2014, second detachment has been constantly deployed to Ämari Air Base, Estonia, to demonstrate collective resolve of Allies, display the defensive nature of NATO and deter Russia from aggression or the threat of aggression against NATO Allies. At present Belgium leads NATO’s Air Policing out of Lithuania, while Germany augments the mission in Estonia.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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