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NATO Airmen conduct Expert Staff Visit with Georgian Air Force

TBILISI, Georgia— An Allied Air Command expert staff visit team from the Military Partnership Branch was joined by members from NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) to conduct an evaluation of the Georgian Air Defence capabilities earlier  in November 2018. 

"Interoperability and cooperation with Partner Nations is one of the keys to success of collective security," says Italian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Cannas, Allied Air Command Military Partnership Staff Officer and Team Leader. "In the air domain this provides an increased stability for both NATO nations and Partners," he adds.

In meetings with Georgian Ministry of Defence representatives the team’s aim was to enhance NATO’s understanding of Georgia’s military air capabilities and enable the Military Partnership Branch to comprehensively discuss progress under various initiatives.  Both Georgian and NATO members  noted the importance of this visit under Partnership aspects.

The evaluation was requested by the North Atlantic Council and funded by NATO.  "This visit will improve NATO’s partnership with Georgia, specifically identifying areas of cooperation which will enhance the capabilities of this strategically vital country,” says Lieutenant Colonel Simone Mastagni, team representative from SHAPE. 

The intent of NATO’s Military Partnership Programme is to develop, maintain or strengthen NATO-Partners relations, whilst achieving mutual trust and building confidence.  This evaluation is critical to enhancing interoperability between Georgian military forces and NATO.  Through this evaluation and future Military Partnership activities with the Georgian Air Force, Allied Air Command remains committed in developing opportunities that enhance cooperative security.

Since 1994 Georgia has been a member of the NATO Partnership for Peace programme, and further deepened cooperation after the Rose Revolution of 2003.  Since 2008, NATO Summits have affirmed that Georgia will become a NATO member.  This evaluation is one of many that helps gauge the progress of the nation towards meeting the necessary requirements for membership.  The NATO-Georgia Commission provides the framework for close political dialogue and cooperation in support of reform efforts and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. 

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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