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Allied Air Command staff train to command and control Air operations in the Joint environment

RAMSTEIN, Germany - From 29 Apr. to 9 May, Headquarters Allied Air Command executed its primary internal training event for 2019.  Exercising as a Joint Force Air Component Headquarters (JFAC HQ), it demonstrated NATO’s ability to Command and Control a major Air operation in a Joint environment.
During a command post exercise called RAMSTEIN AMBITION, personnel from 28 nations filled more than 700 positions to standup the NATO Command Structure Joint Force Air Component Headquarters.   Joining a core from Ramstein, Allied Air Command’s Deployable Air Command and Control Centre at Poggio Renatico, Italy, and the Combined Air Operations Centres at Torrejon, Spain, and Uedem, Germany, performed in their crisis response roles.  

The JFAC HQ was tailored to execute a wide range of operations, including a simulated high-intensity defence of Northern European territory and a contemporary hybrid war scenario.  "We set the bar very high for this exercise to incorporate modern threats and advanced capabilities, "described Brigadier General Andrew Hansen, JFAC HQ Director. In his estimation, "the inclusion of fifth generation aircraft changes the game in high-threat environments and RAMSTEIN AMBITION was another great step forward towards their integration.”

NATO’s Allied Air Command is tasked to provide effective command and control of Air operations. RAMSTEIN AMBITION ensures that NATO Air experts and specialists constantly evolve to meet all security challenges and demonstrates the range and scale of military capabilities that the Alliance can bring to bear, in the Sea, Land, Air and Cyber domains, to collectively defend against a range of threats.   

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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