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MAGDAYs: German Air Force hosts second live-fly exercise over Northern Sea with NATO Allies in 2019

RAMSTEIN, Germany - After successfully hosting the first of four 2019 MAGDAY events, the German Air Force conducted the second iteration of this multinational exercise from 18 to 22 March. More than 20 German fighter, transport and support aircraft were joined by military aircraft from Allies Poland, the Czech Republic and France to conduct multinational air missions above the Northern Sea. 

While the Polish F-16 fighters flew in from their home bases, the Czech Gripen jets deployed to Jagel Air Base in the north of Gemany. The French aircraft were hosted at Wunstorf Air Base near Hanover. German Eurofighter and Tornados from all six tactical air force wings participated in the MAGDAY and were air-to-air refuelled by a Transport Wing 62 A400M transport aircraft. 

The MAGDAYs are regular training events for the Multinational Air Group, for which Germany is the framework nation. Each event is comprised of two-day preparation and flying phases and gauges progress made and further increased interoperability among the participating Allies. 

Under NATO’s Framework Nations Concept (FNC) Germany has accepted the role of framework nation responsible for a Multinational Air Group and for standing up so-called larger formations of Allied Air Forces. These formations are to provide NATO with interoperable, well-trained and operational flying assets. A key element in this endeavour will be the development of capabilities during training and exercise events.

"Both our Allies and or own operational units benefit from these recurring exercises,” said Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, Chief of the German Air Force. "Multinationality is and will remain a central aspect of almost all our projects. Consequently, we are continuously further developing our capabilities together with our Allies and take decisive steps toward operational readiness of the MAG,” added General Gerhartz.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office based on information provided by the German Air Force

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