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Aug 11 2019

Hungarian Air Force udpate on Baltic Air Policing mission

Since the beginning of May, the Hungarian Air Force has led the 50th rotation of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing at Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania. The women and men of the JAS-39 Gripen fighter detachment led by Brigadier General Csaba Ugrik, have been working hard executing their Allied mission safeguarding the airspace over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the adjacent international waters of the Baltic  Sea.

“Air Power has always been the key capability for NATO to provide collective defence and security to its Allies,” said Brigadier General Ugrik. “The Baltic Air Policing mission executed by Hungary is  proof of Allied solidarity. We are all determined, vigilant and provide instant, swift response to any security threat in the region,” he added.

During their deployment the Hungarian Gripen aircraft have been launched on numerous times by Allied Air Command’s Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem, Germany. Besides frequent training scrambles the pilots took to the skies almost forty times to respond to and escort Russian Federation Air Force military aircraft that flew close to the Alliance airspace.

Air Power has always been the key capability for NATO to provide collective defence and security to its Allies

Within minutes the Hungarian maintainers prepared their fighters for the missions and the pilots conducted their sorties in a professional and responsible manner. Moreover, they worked closely with the Spanish Air Force detachment that augmented NATO Air Policing at Siauliai and provided an additional responsive capability for the Allied mission.

At the end of August, the Hungarian Gripen detachment will complete their four-month Allied deployment that has enabled the whole team to train, plan, prepare and execute the employment of Allied Air Power in support of the collective mission of safeguarding the Allied airspace at the Baltic Sea shores. Thanks to the host nation support provided by the Lithuanian Air Force at Siauliai Air Base, this deployment has been mutually beneficial showing Allies cooperation, capabilities and readiness.

A Hungarian Air Force JAS-39 Gripen  fighter aircraft during an intercept of a Russian Federation Air Force fighter. This is a typical mission for the Baltic Air Policing detachment as they execute the NATO mission safeguarding Allied airspace over and near Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Photo courtesy  Hungarian Air Force 

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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