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 Dec 11 2019

Republic of Korea and Allied Air Command seek ways to deepen their cooperation

On December 10 the Defence Attaché of the Republic of Korea to NATO, Colonel Kim Yong Sun, met with the leadership of NATO’s Allied Air Command. Subject of discussions were ways of deepening cooperation between NATO and its Asian Partner country, specifically in the air domain. 

Next to a meeting with Major General Karsten Stoye, Headquarters Allied Air Command’s Chief of Staff, Colonel Kim exchanged information with the Command’s Military Partnership and Personnel Divisions and was briefed on Allied Air Command’s mission, role and responsibilities for the Alliance.

I’m very much looking forward to strengthening our ties.

“I’m very much looking forward to strengthening our ties as we both could benefit and learn a lot from one another” says Major General Stoye. “I would thus be delighted to evolve cooperation with Airmen from the Republic of Korea.” he adds.

The Partnership agreement between NATO and the Republic of Korea has been signed in 2017. Since then both are already cooperating in other military fields, namely NATO’s mission in Afghanistan as well as fighting piracy in the Indian Ocean. The Republic of Korea has furthermore joined NATO’s Malware Information Sharing Platform, allowing both to share warnings about cyber threats in real time. Any sort of cooperation in the air domain would be a next step forward in Partnership relations.

NATO’s Military Partnership Programme contributes to increased international stability and security through cooperative engagement with forces of non-NATO countries. Over the past 25 years, the Alliance has developed a network of 41 partner countries around the world. NATO pursues dialogue and practical cooperation with these nations on a wide range of political and security-related issues.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

Major General Stoye (right) welcomes Colonel Kim (left) to the Headquarters of NATO's Allied Air Command at Ramstein, Germany. 
Photo by Christian Timmig.
Major General Stoye (left) and Colonel Kim (right) during their meeting in the Chief of Staff's office.
Photo by Christian Timmig.
Colonel Kim Yong Sun, Defence Attaché of the Republic of Korea to NATO, Photo by Christian Timmig.

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