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Jun 27 2020

ALLIES and PartnerS to Train Air Drills in Latvia on 29 and 30 June 2020

RAMSTEIN, Germany – Latvia will host two days of Allied and Partner aerial training in separate training airspace enabling aircrews and controllers to practice drills and procedures under exercise Ramstein Alloy 20-2.

More than 20 fighter and support aircraft from eight Allies and Partner Finland are scheduled to come together in the airspace over and adjacent to Latvia to fly simulated realistic training scenarios and further enhance Air Policing procedures and Allied-Partner relationships. The aerial manoeuvres will be overseen by the NATO Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem, Germany, the Baltic Control and Reporting Centres at Lielvarde and Tallinn and an airborne AWACS control plane.

The Latvian Control and Reporting Centre at Lielvarde Air Base will control Allied military aircraft executing some of the scenarios scheduled during the two-day exercise, and a Latvian Air Force An-2 biplane will simulate a slow-moving aircraft which the participating fast jets need to locate, identify  and escort. Photos courtesy Latvian Air Force.

For several years now three Ramstein Alloy events have been conducted in the region each year employing NATO’s Baltic Air Policing assets and regional air forces for interoperability training. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania each host one such event a year demonstrating the cohesion, cooperation and interoperability of all participants to collectively safeguard the regional airspace.

Story by Public Affairs Office at AIRCOM

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