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Sep 27 2020

MultinationalAir Defence Exercise Closed out in Lithuania

RAMSTEIN, Germany - After two week of training, exercise Tobruq Legacy 2020, a multinational Surface-Based Air Defence (SBAD) exercise came to an end in Lithuania on September 25, 2020.  

Flags of the ten NATO Allies participating in Tobruq Legacy 20 were lowered at three exercise locations in Lithuania during closing ceremonies. Allied SBAD units had planned, coordinated and executed common Air Defence mission in accordance with NATO standards for tactics, techniques and procedrues.

Our units’ ability to act together coherently has further advanced grown ...  we won invaluable information on areas for improvement in terms of equipment, material and procedures

“As is a tradition in our Tobruq Legacy exercises, more than twenty exercise participants from different countries were awarded by the Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force for demonstrating superior performance during this year’s drills,” said exercise director, Lithuanian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Vitalijus Sadrejevas. “The hard work and effort of air defenders has been recognized by senior leadership. Their endeavor is an example of professionalism, and is a proof of will to seek mutual understanding, coordination and improvement of Air Defence capabilities,” he added. 

Flag bearers with flags of  the ten participating Allies and NATO during the Closing Ceremony of exercise Tobruq Legacy 20. Photo courtesy Tobruq Legacy 20 Public Affairs Office.

“Looking at outcomes of the exercises and comments received from unit commanders, I am convinced that the tremendous effort and resource the Lithuanian Armed Forces invested in planning, preparing and executing Tobruq Legacy 20 have been transformed into into new valuable experience, knowledge and skills for our soldiers,” Lieutenant Colonel Sadrejevas pointed out. “There is no doubt our units’ ability to act together coherently has further advanced grown. Moreover, we won invaluable information on areas for improvement in terms of equipment, material and procedures,” he added. 

A PATRIOT launcher forms part of the backdrop against which the multinational SBAD exercise is closing after two weeks of training and practising common standing operating procedures protecting friendly focres against threats from the air. Photo courtesy Tobruy Legacy 20 Public Affairs Office.

“Persistent development of NATO members’ SBAD forces based on the results of this type of exercise is key for successful cooperation among Allies in the future,” he concluded.

Tobruq Legacy is a salient pillar for the future NATO-led Integrated Air and Missile Defence exercise programme. The future for SBAD exercise lies in the transformation and integration into a NATO-led bi-annual training event that is based on the Tobruq Legacy experience. 

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office based on information provided by the Tobruq Legacy Exercise Director

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