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Aug 25 2020

NATO enhanced Air Policing to continue in Romania

RAMSTEIN, Germany - From September on, a detachment of 145 Canadian Armed Forces personnel and six Canadian CF-188 Hornet fighter aircraft will conduct NATO enhanced Air Policing in Romania together with the Romanian Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon and MiG-21 LanceR fighters.

For the fifth time since 2014, a Canadian Air Task Force will deploy to Romania and will operate from Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base near Constanta, under NATO’s Assurance Measures in the South. The detachment of specialists from across the Canadian Armed Forces will be led by Lieutenant Colonel David McLeod. Besides combined training with the Romanian Air Force and other Allies in the region, his team will also be employed to fly NATO Air Policing missions on the shores of the Black Sea controlled by the Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejón, Spain.

The presence of a Canadian detachment in Romania demonstrates NATO’s cohesion and the collective resolve of Allies to implement deterrence and defence. The continued support of Canada with their deployment to Europe underscores the transatlantic link among Allies.

 Royal Canadian Ai Force CF-188's ready to start their enhance Air Policing mission in Romania. Archive photos courtesy of the RCAF. 

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office 

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