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 Dec 9 2020

Northern Allies carry out joint air exercises over the Baltic and the North Sea.

RAMSTEIN, Germany – Fighter aircraft from the Royal Air Force have reached out to the eastern Baltic carrying out integration training with Allied Air Forces from Denmark and Germany. 

On December 8, RAF Eurofighter Typhoons supported by Voyager tanker aircraft demonstrated their reach by undertaking a mission to the eastern Baltic where they joined their German air force colleagues. The German Eurofighter detachment are currently based in Amari, Estonia where they have been manning one of the Baltic Air Policing positions since September. This gave another opportunity to enhance cooperation between the two forces and pave the way for possible joint future deployments.

En route the Typhoons linked up with Royal Danish Air Force F-16s, the aircraft conducted integration training seizing an opportunity to enhance their interoperability and networking skills and test their tactics, techniques and procedures.

The day of activities carried out across the breadth of northern Europe underlines the Allies commitment to peace and stability across the region. These complex missions emphasize the collective capability and resolve of the Allied air forces and their ability to present a credible response to any potential adversary.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

German Eurofighters operating from the Baltic Air Policing detachment scrambled to meet their RAF colleagues over the Baltic Sea region. Photo courtesy of the Royal Air Force.
Danish F-16s worked closely with the RAF Typhoons during the mission, jointly demonstrating a strong commitment to collective defence. Archive photo from Allied Air Command
RAF Voyager refuelling UK and German Eurofighter Typhoons while conducting interoperability training sorties. Photo Courtesy of the Royal Air Force. 

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