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 Sep 2 2020

USAF F-16s Sharpen Skills with Polish Colleagues

RAMSTEIN, Germany - Airmen and F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft assigned to the United States Air Force 52nd Fighter Wing have just concluded a joint air training deployment with the Polish Air Force during an Aviation Detachment (AVDET) at Łask Air Base, Poland.

The U.S. deployment is a demonstration of their commitment and resolve to NATO Allies as they work together with their Polish colleagues to increase regional security and deter potential adversaries. Additionally, it serves as a great opportunity to increases interoperability between the two forces. The U.S. and Polish Allies have been working together for the past month with a full spectrum of mission sets ranging from Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground sorties.

We will be flying with them, working on the front line with them and learning from them

“We will be flying with them, working on the front line with them and learning from them,” said U.S. Air Force Colonel David Epperson, 52nd Fighter Wing commander
“Despite COVID-19 and the drawbacks the pandemic had brought, this has been the first deployment to come to Łask Air Base this year, allowing us to continue to maintain our deterrence, build our partnership and learn from each other,” he concluded.

Two units with one mission, which is to improve warfighting skills and joint readiness

“We now have two units here at Łask,” said Polish Air Force Colonel Tomasz Jatczak, Łask Air Base Commander. “Two units with one mission, which is to improve warfighting skills and joint readiness,” he added. 

“This will be one of the biggest exercises we have, we have a lot of U.S. jets here, we have jets from other bases in Poland and other assets involved in this mission,” said Polish Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Przemysław Struj, 32nd Air Operations Group commander.” Working on large force deployments will be something we look forward to," he concluded. 

The detachment was established in order to increase cooperation between the U.S. and Polish Air Forces, with the aim of strengthening relationships, enhancing capabilities and building on interoperability as NATO Allies through regular combined joint training exercises. The AVDET also participated in the Polish Armed Forces Day; one of several ways the U.S. is continuing to work with Allies to reinforce NATO unity and transatlantic security.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office based on input provided by USAF and Polish Air Force 

Polish and U.S. Allies strengthening relationships during the U.S. AVDET to Łask Poland. Photo by Senior Airman Melody W. Howley.
USAF F-16s flying over Warsaw celebrating Polish Armed Forces Day. 
Photo courtesy of USAF.
Polish and USAF F-16s preparing for a joint training sortie at Łask Air Force Base, Poland. Photo by Leszek Kujawski, Polish Air Force.

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