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 Apr 28 2021

NATO Continues Air Integration of North Macedonia and Montenegro

TORREJÓN, Spain - The Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) Torrejón conducted the Introduction to CAOC Air Policing Process (ICAPP) for the air forces of Allies North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Last week, the CAOC personnel worked with both Allies' representatives to accomplish another milestone on the path to the full integration into the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defense System.  

We are expanding our team to incorporate new colleagues ... to accomplish our mission of protecting NATO nations’ air space

To ensure the integration of the southern European Allies into the NATO Air Policing arena, CAOC Torrejón has established the requirements and best practices for the cooperation to enable the success of the Air Policing Mission. The training served to strengthen capabilities with the air forces of North Macedonia and Montenegro and to familiarise operators with the NATO Command and Control structure and the responsibilities of the Control and Reporting Center. 

Moreover, this endeavor encourages the integration of various national procedures into the larger NATO context, which enriched the interoperability and synergized partnership capabilities. 

"We are expanding our team to incorporate new colleagues. With this introduction to the Air Policing process we ensure we are sharing the same procedures to accomplish our mission of protecting NATO nations’ air space," said Lieutenant General Fernando de la Cruz, Commander of CAOC Torrejón.

CAOC Torrejón is located northeast of Madrid, Spain its area of responsibility covers more than 10 mio square kilometre and 14 NATO countries, North Macedonia, the 30th Ally, included. Together with CAOC Uedem, in Germany, CAOC Torrejón assures 24/7 air space security by conducting Air Policing missions in a collective effort with the NATO Alliance.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

Representatives of the Montenegrin and the North Macedonian Armed Forces met with NATO staff at CAOC Torrejón to work on the integration of the two Allies into NATO Air Policing arrangements. Photo by CAOC Torrejón
The CAOC Torrejón staff in the Static Air Defence Centre monitor and control the airspace above NATO's Allies south of the Alps. Archive picture courtesy CAOC Torrejón.

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