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Sep 1 2021

Czech Republic Hosts Multinational JTAC Exercise Ample Strike 21

NAMEST, Czech Republic – Ample Strike 2021, the traditional Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) exercise will take place in the Czech Republic offering theatre-realistic training scenarios for eight Allies.

For the eighth consecutive time the Czech Republic will host the multinational live-fly/live-firing exercise Ample Strike in established training areas across the south of the country. JTACs and aircraft the Czech Armed Force and seven Allies Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the United States will conduct their drills from September 6 to 19.

The exercise is focused on harmonizing JTAC procedures with air crews and ground commanders in a multinational environment

"The exercise is focused on harmonizing the procedures of advanced JTACs with air crews and ground commanders in a multinational environment," said the director of the exercise, Czech Air Force Colonel Aleš Cápal. "Another focus will be on the Czech Armed Forces' ability to provide Host Nation support to Allied units and aircraft detachments. Last but not least, the participating pilots will practice air-to-air refuelling and fly close air support missions for the forces on the ground," he added.

During exercise Ample Strike Joint Terminal Attack Controllers from eight Allied nations will be working with commanders on the ground and aerial platforms. This type of theatre-realistic cooperation enables the important skill set of JTACs for for future potential multinational missions. 
Photos by Christian Timmig, U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Haley Stevens, and courtesy Ample Strike Media Information Centre.
The exercise will use the military training areas at Boletice, Bechyně, and Vicenice, the 22nd Helicopter Base at Náměšt nad Oslavou, the 21st Tactical Air Force Čáslav, the 26th Regiment of Command, Control and Survey compound at Stará Boleslav and the Pardubice Airport. The JTACs will be working with multinational aircraft such as Czech Mi-35/24 and Mi-171 helicopters and L-159 aircraft, Hungarian JAS-39 Gripen fighters, German Learjet and PC-9M aircraft, Slovenian L-39 Albatros light fighters. The U.S. Air Force will be flying a KC-135 tanker aircraft and their MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial system during Ample Strike 21.

The Czech Armed Force conduct exercise Ample Strike in strict compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. "We have procedures and measures in place to ensure all participants can safely join the exercise," added Colonel Cápal.

Since 2014, the Czech Republic has continued this tradition with the Ample Strike exercise series, earning great merits for upholding this live-fly and live-firing exercise for NATO JTACs demonstrating Allied cooperation, interoperability and capabilities. From 2010 to 2013, Allied Air Command at Ramstein, Germany, had conducted the annual exercise Ramstein Rover offering a venue for international JTAC teams to keep their critical capability current.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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