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Aug 18 2021

Polish F-16 jets to ensure NATO Air Policing over Iceland

RAMSTEIN, Germany - The Polish Air Force will deploy four F-16 fighter aircraft to Iceland for NATO's Air Policing mission in the High North.

The Polish Air Force deployment will consist of airmen, auxiliary personnel and four F-16 fighter aircraft assigned to the 32 Tactical Air Force Base, located in Łask, Poland, that will operate out of Keflavik Air Base, Iceland for three weeks in September 2021. This is the first time for Polish fighter aircraft to join the NATO mission in the High North. 

Given its unique geographical location, Allies, in conjunction with the Icelandic authorities, have agreed that the appropriate response is to maintain a periodic presence of NATO fighter aircraft based at Keflavik Air Base (KAB) to help keep Icelandic airspace safe and secure. The focus of the "peacetime preparedness mission" is to carry out routine flying training and exercises for the Alliance to meet Iceland's requirements and needs to stay prepared, to monitor and to manage its airspace in peacetime.
Four Polish Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft will be a regular sight in the airspace above and near Iceland in the High North conducting training and operational flights in the next weeks demonstrating NATO's vigilance and readiness as well as cohesion among Allies. Archive photso by Polish Air Force.

Poland is the eleventh Ally to ensure NATO has certified intercept aircraft that can deploy to Iceland integrating the regional airspace into Alliance-wide enduring Air Policing arrangements. In past years, the mission here has been executed by the Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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