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 May 27 2021

Allied airmen highlight NATO's commitment in Eastern Med and Black Sea

RAMSTEIN, Germany – U.S. B-52 aircraft operating out of Morón, Spain flew a mission out to the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions where they were joined by Allied nations in a display of Alliance co-operation, May 26.

The United States Air Force Bomber Task Force mission was joined by Greek F-16s over the Mediterranean before handing over to Turkish F-16s. Once over the Black Sea region they were joined by Royal Air Force Typhoons currently deployed in Romania on the NATO enhanced Air Policing mission. This gave a real demonstration of Alliance cohesion with nations from across the Euro-Atlantic area coming together to promote peace and security in the region.

a visible demonstration of our ability to integrate effectively with our NATO allies

"These training sorties provide us with a valuable test of our preparedness and is a visible demonstration of our ability to integrate effectively with our NATO allies," said Officer Commanding IX (B) Sqn, Wing Commander Simon Batt.

The mission also gave Allied Air Forces the opportunity to improve interoperability and enhance capabilities while demonstrating NATO's resolve to protect its interests in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. The deployment of the bomber task force to Europe is pre-planned, it provides a capability that can quickly respond alongside Allies and partners to emerging threats.

The U.S. Bomber Task Force are based out of Morón Air Base, Spain. They will conduct theater integration and flight training across Europe and Africa. The strategic bomber missions provide opportunities for U.S. integration with NATO allies and regional partners.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

Two Turkish Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons fly alongside a U.S. B-52H Stratofortress. Photo courtesy of USAF.
Royal Air Force Tyhoons from the NATO enhanced Air Policing detachment meet the B-52 over the Black Sea region. Photo courtesy of RAF.
A Greek F-16 Fighting Falcon integrates with the B-52 over the Eastern Mediterranean. Archive photo courtsey of USAF.

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