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Oct 22 2021

Allied Space cadre enhanced during Steadfast Jupiter 21

Ramstein, Germany – Space professionals from many Allied nations have been working together to integrate Space capabilities within multi-domain operations during NATO's Exercise Steadfast Jupiter 21.

NATO's implementation of the Space Domain is gathering pace. The NATO Space Centre has been a key enabler during Steadfast Jupiter 21, the SHAPE-sponsored annual Joint Command Post Exercise. Critical to the NATO Space Centre's success has been the integration and coordination with member Nations, further developing NATO's interoperability with Allies. Several nations provided staff to train alongside the NATO Space Centre personnel which will be beneficial for NATO and individual nations.

Enhancing NATO's coordination in the space domain will be game-changing for Allied Commanders in air, sea and land domains

"Enhancing NATO's coordination in the space domain will be game-changing for Allied Commanders in air, sea and land domains, as well as for Joint Commanders. Development of a well-trained and increasingly experienced space cadre is fundamental to ensuring NATO can make the best use of the increased situational awareness offered by space," said Lieutenant General Pascal Delerce, Deputy Commander Allied Air Command.

The NATO Space Centre hosts a multi-national team bringing a wide range of expertise to the Space domain in support of Allied operations. Photo by Adc Arnaud Chamberlin. 

The exercise has also provided an experimentation platform for the Space Domain to test, refine and further develop its capabilities across the spectrum of multi-domain operations.

Civilian and military technologies are often heavily reliant on Space-enabled capabilities such as positioning and timing. Thus, the provision of space-related data, products and services during the exercise has ensured staffs can better identify threats and supports NATO's freedom of maneuver for operations.

Steadfast Jupiter is a SHAPE-sponsored major command post exercise encompassing the echelons from the strategic to the tactical level. Almost 720 personnel from across the Alliance are currently working at Ramstein, as part of a multi-national Joint Force Air Component.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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