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 Jan 29 2021

For 60 years Allies have collectively secured NATO airspace

RAMSTEIN, Germany – Under NATO’s overall coordination and control the Allies have been safeguarding the European skies for 60 years executing NATO Air Policing.

The year 2021 marks this anniversary of the Allies conducting the enduring collective defence mission of NATO Air Policing as a core task preserving the integrity of the airspace and keeping Allied skies safe. 

The enduring commitment of Allied Air Forces underlines the importance of this persistent operation to the deterrence and defence of the Alliance

“Since 1961, NATO Allies have worked together to protect our citizens and safeguard airspace above our nations. Starting with 13 Allies in the early days, the participation in the Air Policing mission has now more than doubled, involving all 30 Allied nations,” said General Jeff Harrigian, Commander Allied Air Command. “The enduring commitment of Allied Air Forces underlines the importance of this persistent operation to the deterrence and defence of the Alliance,” he added. 

The term Air Policing describes the Allies’ joint and collective use of fighter aircraft to preserve the integrity of NATO airspace. Soon the Allies realized that individual air defence systems operating independently could not effectively protect NATO and national airspace. They started working together organising an integrated air defence structure and system by combining national assets and transferring them to NATO Command and Control. The resulting NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System   (NATINAMDS)   comprises  sensors, 

command and control facilities and weapon systems such as ground based air defence and fighter aircraft. The interconnecting data-link systems enable the free and open exchange of the Recognised Air Picture all over NATO Europe from North Norway to South Eastern Turkey.

The Allies “chopped” their air defence assets to the Supreme Allied Commander’s operational command to fulfill the NATO Air Policing task. Interconnected Control and Reporting Centres (CRCs) and Control and Reporting Points (CRPs) conduct the day-to-day tactical surveillance and control of the airspace utilising remote radars and sensors. In 1961, they reported to a network of more than 20 Combined Air Operations Centres (CAOCs) distributed throughout the region that in turn came under three Allied Air Commands. Due to technical progress and not least digitalization, in 2021, this task is accomplished by one Air Command at Ramstein, Germany, two CAOCs in Uedem, Germany and Torrejón, Spain, and CRCs and CRPs in each member country. 

NATO members without the necessary national assets to conduct Air Policing are assisted by other NATO members to ensure air sovereignty is maintained. Special Air Policing arrangements exist for Albania, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Montenegro and soon North Macedonia.

The collective Air Policing posture enables the Alliance to detect, track and identify to the greatest extent possible all aerial objects approaching NATO airspace so that violations can be recognized early, and appropriate action taken.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

A fighter twoship lands at an Allied air base in 1961. Starting with the then Central Region, NATO began to defend and secure the airspace of the Allies by 24/7 Air Policing operations. Photo courtesy NATO.
A German Air Force F-104G Starfigher formation in 1961. Several Allies used this plane to fly NATO Air Policing missions. Photo courtesy NATO.
An Italian Eurofighter during an intrercept over the Baltic Sea in 2020. What initally started at 13 Allies is now a collective mission across NATO Europe for all Allies demonstrating Alliance solidarity, cohesion and readiness. Photo by Italian Air Force.

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