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Mar 19 2021

NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force enables Alliance awareness

SIGONELLA, Italy - With all five RQ-4D aircraft on-site at Sigonella Air Base, Italy, the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force has an initial operational capability enabling the Alliance to perform surveillance over wide areas operating at considerable distances and in any weather condition.
Using advanced radar sensors, these systems will detect and track moving objects and will provide radar imagery of areas of interest and stationary objects.
NATO's RQ-4D “Phoenix” Remotely Piloted Aircraft is a highly capable system. This unique, multinational capability, paired with a team of Allied specialists who process, evaluate, and distribute intelligence, provides Alliance decision makers with timely and relevant information. AGS is a win for our ability to better understand the security environment and our efforts to sustain peace

 SHAPE Strategic Employment Directorate Commander, Major General Phillip Stewart

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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