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May 19 2022

Mission accomplished: nato tigers trained as they fight

RAMSTEIN, Germany - The NATO Tiger Association completed the NATO Tiger Meet 2022 on May 20, 2022 at Araxos Air Base, Greece. The final days of the two-week event featured a public air show and a distinguished visitors' day.

The distinguished visitors' day which was honored by the presence of the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff General Konstantinos Floros, the H.E. the Ambassadors to Greece of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland, the Chief of Staff of the French Air and Space Force and the Air Component Commander of the Belgian Air Force.

The distinguished visitors' day kicked off with a welcome speech from the Hellenic Air Force Colonel Petros Sassaris, Araxos Air Base Commander and exercise director who stressed the importance of improving air tactics through the exchange of experience in a spirit of comradery and solidarity. Moreover, he highlighted that the multinational environment of NATO Tiger Meet 2022 provided a unique opportunity to all participants to 'train as they will fight', promoting the long-living NATO Tiger Association's traditions.

A Czech Republic Air Force Mi-35 attack helicopter. Photo: Kristin Savage / SHAPE Communications Division
A Belgian F-16. Photo: Kristin Savage / SHAPE Communications Division
French Rafale fighter aircraft. Photo: Johan Pipe / Armee de l'Air et de l'Espace
Greek spitfire and F-16 fighter aircraft. Photo: Kristin Savage / SHAPE Communications Division

The Chief of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff Lieutenant General Themistoklis Bourolias referred to the fact that the new emerging threats are challenging the way Airpower is applied, requiring multi-domain and cross functional employment. The combined missions of Tiger Meet 2022 included the entire spectrum of modern air warfare, creating a high quality framework to enhance fighting capabilities, joint readiness, interoperability and partnership among Allies.

After the opening remarks and press conference, distinguished visitors and journalists attended a short dynamic display showing interoperability and coordination between air assets and ground troops. Fighter jets provided a close air support to Special Operations Forces before the troops were extracted by a Czech Republic Air Force Mi-35 attack helicopter. The day concluded with visits to the Maintenance Operations Centres (MOCs) and exercise areas.

The Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff General Konstantinos Floros stated that NATO faces many complex threats and challenges in an evolving security environment, stressed that the only way to overcome them is through close cooperation between allies. In this context, he emphasized the Tiger Meet 2022 exercise as an excellent opportunity to build up readiness and fine-tune warfighting skills in a multinational joint forces environment. Also, he highlighted Greece's constructive role in the Alliance as a pillar of peace and stability in the region.

Story by SHAPE Communications Division in cooperation with Hellenic National Defence General Staff Public Information Office

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