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 May 5 2023

Simulated interference from ground and air challenge Czech Armed Forces 

RAMSTEIN, Germany – From April 24 to 28, the Czech air and ground forces participated in training drills under Electronic Warfare (EW) conditions testing their ability to jam and respond to jamming.

Organized under the auspices of NATO, the Ramstein Guard exercise took place in the airspace of the Czech Republic, exposing more than 200 participants to an EW environment in which they had to operate, protect themselves, ensure mission accomplishment and defend against a simulated adversary.

The Ramstein Guard exercise presents an indisputable contribution to the readiness of our forces

“You never know in advance what type of jamming the enemy will use and whether your own radar device or aircraft is able to respond to this threat. That is why we test our limits and our technicians, operators and pilots put their capabilities to the test," said the deputy coordinator of the exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Petr Závorka, adding that the annual exercise is always based on a pre-programmed simulated situation according to a prepared scenario.

Managed from NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre in Uedem, the tactical control was provided by the Czech Control and Reporting Centre at Hlavenec. “Operational personnel, including Air Force Combat Control Team, regularly practice conducting combat operations in an EW environment,” said Captain Radek Škuta, an officer at Hlavenec.  “This means working with degraded or jammed radar communications   and   signals. It  is also   a good    opportunity    for   us   to   train  our     cooperation     with     international

participants," he added referring to the fact that the Ramstein Guard is part of the NEWFIP (NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Programme).

"Modern military operations are conducted in an increasingly complex electromagnetic environment. Conducting our operations under EW conditions is one of the standard training activities of the Czech Air Force. For this purpose, we cooperate with the 53rd Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Regiment,” said Lieutenant Colonel Závorka. The priority and task of participating Czech troops was to maintain a continuous overview of the air situation; therefore, the participants were supposed to identify the electronic jamming activity coming both from ground and air. Moreover, they were to effectively counter this action while respecting protective measures.

NATO created a jamming environment for the exercise and cooperated with the civilian contractor Draken Europe which provided their Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft that was based in Čáslav Air Base precenting radar and electronic challenges for participating aircraft. To add complexity to the simulated jamming environment, NATO’s Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS) deployed a ground jammer Mini Radar Van.

"For the Czech Air Force, the Ramstein Guard exercise represents an indisputable contribution to the readiness of our forces and will remain an integral part of their training," Lieutenant Colonel Závorka concluded.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office  based on information provided by the Czech Armed Forces

Czech military air traffic controllers at the CRC Hlavenc operate their systems under restrictions imposed by the EW environment simulated during exercise Ramstein Guard 2023 training drills in the Czech Republic.  Photo by Lucie Machorková.
A jamming vehicle of the Czech Army's 53rd Regiment practiced and perfected procedures for conducting electronic warfare in support of exercise Ramstein Guard 2023 training drills in the Czech Republic. 
Photo by Tomáš Růžička.
Formation during Ramstein Guard 2023 in the Czech Republic - a DA-20 aircraft leading Czech fighter aircraft during flying operations. 
Photo by Martin Král.

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