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Apr 3 2023

CAOC Torrejón completes major exercise ensuring personnel are mission ready

Torrejón, Spain - From  March 17 to 31, 2023, Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) Torrejon executed its internal training exercise Torrejon Advantage (TAD). 

The main goal of Torrejón Advantage is to prepare personnel to be effective across a wide range of NATO missions

TAD 2023-1 is one of CAOC Torrejón's main internal exercises for 2023. It serves as the main internal collective training event for CAOC Torrejón Deployable Air Operations Centre personnel. It also makes staff ready for the Ramstein Ambition exercise series conducted under the aegis of Headquarters Allied Air Command.

For the new Commander of CAOC Torrejón (centre) Lieutenant General Juan Pablo Sánchez De Lara, it was the first time to observe his team performing during staff training that prepares them to provide critical support Alliance Air and Space Power. 
Photo courtesy CAOC Torrejón.

In a multinational setting CAOC Torrej´ón staff together with outstations simulated planning and execution of combined and joint Allied Air Operations that makes them mission-ready in their roles overseeing NATO Air Policing in the southern part of Europe. 
Photo courtesy CAOC Torrejón.

The main goal of TAD exercise is to prepare personnel to be effective across a wide range of NATO missions, conducting operational and tactical level command and control Air Operations of full spectrum in a complex, high intensity joint warfighting environment, including elements of hybrid warfare.

The exercise was set up in two phases: the planning phase, where the focus was on Combat Plans Division training, and the execution phase that challenged the Combat Operations Division staff. During planning, a so-called Air Tasking Order (ATO) was drafted based on the Commander’s intent and directions. During execution, this ATO has to be implemented with available air resources while the objectives for an operation have to be accomplished.

External participants from CAOC at Uedem, Germany, and the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre at Poggio Renatico, Italy, as well as Control and Reporting Centres in Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Türkiye, also benefited from the exercise.

This command and control exercise, culminated with the successful completion of CAOCT’s annual training objectives, ensuring the qualification of staff to fulfil their Crisis Establishment roles and consequently ensure the safety and integrity of Alliance airspace.

Besides training and preparing its staff, CAOC Torrejón constantly continues to execute its 24/7 mission of ensuring surveillance and control of NATO Air Policing assets above the southern NATO Allies.

Story by CAOC Torrejón Public Affairs Office

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