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Oct 4 2023

Allies train together in Exercise Frisian Flag

RAMSTEIN, Germany – The Royal Netherlands Air Force lead exercise Frisian Flag out of Leeuwarden Air Base with approximately 40 aircraft participating in missions and will last almost two weeks from October 2 - 13.

The US, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, and the Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet joined the Netherlands for the exercise. The participating pilots are trained to perform complex missions in international cooperation at a higher intensity. Scenarios that occur during future NATO Response Force deployments are intensively trained.

Finnish F-18s participating in Exercise Frisian Flag 2023. Photo courtesy of Finnish Air Force. 
Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35s participated in Exercise Frisian Flag 2023. Photo courtesy of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. 

The aim of the exercise is to practice multinational mixed fighter operations against a wide variety of airborne and ground-based threats. Scenarios included but were not limited to air defence missions, protecting other aircraft, and striking fixed and moving targets on land and at sea. As well as integration with land and maritime forces.

With the tensions in Eastern Europe and the war in Ukraine, this is essential training for the participants. The Dutch and Danish Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) will have command over the entire exercise area.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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