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Jun 3 2024

Tiger squadrons gather in Germany to show their paws in NATO Tiger Meet 2024

RAMSTEIN, Germany – From June 3 to 13, 2024, Allied aircraft will participate in the annual NATO Tiger Meet at Schleswig Air Base, Germany.

NATO Tiger Meet offers a unique opportunity for Allied and Partner Tiger squadrons to train to NATO standards increasing flying skills and interoperability

The long-standing NATO Tiger Meet will see over 60 aircraft from eleven NATO Nations plus Partners Austria and Switzerland, come together in a demonstration of capabilities in this iconic international exercise at the home of the Tactical Air Wing 51 in Northern Germany. Some nations will fly their jets from their resepective home bases, some will participate as visitors and observers. A NATO Airborne Warning and Control System E-3A plane will participate operating out of Geilenkirchen, Germany, controlling Tiger jets during their training missions.

An Italian Air Force Eurofighter from 12th Wing at Gioia del Colle after touching down at Schleswig Air Base for the 2024 NATO Tiger Meet. Photo by Cora Mohrdieck.

A Turkish Air Force F-16  from  192 Filo at Balikesir after the fly-in to Schleswig Air Base on May 31 ready to train alongside other Tiger squadrons for the next two weeks. Photo by Cora Mohrdieck.

A Rafale from the the French Navy Flottille 11F "les furieux" during a flight on May 31; a Rafale detachment from Landivisiau Naval Air Base will fly during 2024 Tiger Meet. Photo courtesy French Navy. .

The Tiger edition of a Czech Air Force JAS-39 Gripen during exercise Lion Effort at Caslav Air Base; the squadron will also participate in the 2024 NATO tiger Meet, Photo b y Dwojak photography.

One of the most important exercises at the tactical level for NATO and Partner air forces, the Meet provides a unique opportunity for participants to improve tactics, techniques and procedures with challenging scenarios in a highly sophisticated multinational and joint training environment. 

The exercise has been organised annually by the NATO Tiger Association since 1960. This year will see Germany host the exercise for the twelfth time in its history and the third time from Schleswig Air Base.

The NATO Tiger Meet offers a unique opportunity for the different Tiger squadrons to participate in joint training with fixed and rotary wing platforms, in a multi-domain operational context. The training applies NATO standards bringing together Allied and Partner aircraft increasing flying skills, and interoperability.

The exercise will provide daily training, with tactical-level live-fly opportunities for air interdiction missions, Close Air Support and Search and Rescue missions, increasing readiness and fine-tuning warfighting skills in a multinational joint forces environment.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office based on input provided by 51 Tactical Air Wing

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