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Jun 14 2024

German PATRIOT unit and Air Defence Centre have key role in exercise Ramstein Legacy

CAPU MIDIA, Romania – The German contribution the multinational Integrated Air and Missile Defence exercise Ramstein Legacy – a PATRIOT battery and the Surface-to-Air Missile Operation Centre (SAMOC) – provided a firing and control capability closely integrated with other participating units.  

Deployed well over 2,000 kilometres from the home base of SAM Wing1 in the northwest of Germany, 260 soldiers operated the system out of Capu Midia Training near Romania’s Black Sea cost.

It is the first time for us to train in Romania - my sincere thanks go to our Host Nation Romania and the Air Defence Training School for the excellent support

“Besides the PATRIOT firing unit, the SAMOC provides the capability to command, control and coordinate several battalion-size air defence units and a wide range of ground-based air defense systems, said National Contingent Commander, Colonel Alexander Zoklits. “It is a key element within the chain of command that ensures the integration of a multitude of multinational air defence systems into NATO IAMD,” he added

German PATRIOT battery conducted a demonstration during Ramstein Legacy of a deployment to a firing position. Photo by Manfred Reudenbach.

German PATRIOT battery during demonstration - radar unit, generator vehicle and control unit deployed at Capu Midia, Romania. Photo by Manfred Reudenbach.

Integraton during Ramstein Legacy 2024 static display - a Romanian and a German PATRIOT launcher next to a German radar unit. Photo by Manfred Reudenbach.

The co-located  German, Hungarian and Portuguese Surface-to-Air Missile Operation Centres controlled IAMD manoeuvres from several firing units during Ramstein Legacy. Photo by Marc Steinbrecher.
In the course of Ramstein Legacy 2024, the SAMOC has been in charge of the German PATRIOT detachment as well as air defence units and command elements of Poland, Romania and Türkiye. In addition, it has been closely cooperating with neighboring Hungarian and Portuguese SAMOCs at Capu Midia.

“Ramstein Legacy has offered excellent training opportunities. Realistic multi-domain scenarios and the multinational set-up have been key to enhance the readiness and responsiveness – but also fostering real-world interoperability and integration of Allies Air Defence Capabilities into NATO's IAMD structure,” added Colonel Zoklits. “The exercise demonstrated NATO's ability and commitment to safeguard and protect Alliance airspace and territory and thereby contributing to credible deterrence,” he concluded.

For SAM Wing 1, Ramstein Legacy has been the second multinational exercise in 2024 following their participation in the Finish exercise Mallet  Strike in May. “Germany’s PATRIOT air defence units and command entities exercising in the northern and southern areas of Alliance territory demonstrate our ability to quickly integrate and reinforce NATO's Air and Missile Defence posture wherever required - should there be a need to do so, “ Colonel Zoklits finished to say.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office based on input provided by the German RALY24 contingent

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